Ritmo Sabroso – Cumbia de Rotterdam

Colombian Cumbia is a source of inspiration. Yacumba discovers the secrets and sensations of this music. Beside  original Cumbias Yacumba performs own compositions combining various Latin American musicstyles. “Ritmo Sabroso” is the motto, also the name of the new record. “Ritmo Sabroso” is fun and danceable music. Yacumba enjoys to share the pleasure of performing Cumbia and other Latin American music styles in a unique teamwork of international artists.


At 22cond of october 2014 Yacumba will release the first record “Ritmo Sabroso” in Zutphen. The record will be discussed in an interview at 16th of october  at BFM Radio.


Line up:

Asdrid Diaz (CUBA): vocal
Mac de Rode (NETHERLANDS): trombone
Claudia Valenzuela (COLOMBIA): violin
Wolfram Reisiger (GERMANY): accordeon
Jan Meijer (NETHERLANDS): double bass
Arndt Beckmann (GERMANY): percussion
Nique Quentin (GERMANY): percussion